Information For Authors

Submit a Contribution in SMC 2017

Submissions must be original (see IEEE Plagiarism Guidelines) and should not have been published or under consideration for publication elsewhere while being reviewed by SMC 2017.

Use the following link for all submissions including papers and proposals to 2017 IEEE International Conference on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics (SMC):

Locate SMC 2017 in the list and follow the Submit link to the right to upload a manuscript, a session or workshop proposal ...

Format Compliance: SMC 2017 subscribes to the PaperCept Compliant PDF Creation service. Simply upload the Word or LaTeX source file of your submission and the service converts it to compliant pdf. Be sure to use the Word template or LaTeX style file provided. (See Automatic PDF Conversion below for more information)

You can also simply upload the generated PDF file; leave the upload mode at “automatic.”

It is the author's responsibility to use the correct template or style file and visually check the output from this automated pdf conversion process. PaperCept is not liable for inaccuracies in the generated output. PaperCept performs plagiarism check.

Page Limit and File Size

The maximum of 6 pages applies to all paper submissions, and authors can decide to submit less than 6 pages. The PDF file cannot exceed 4 MB. You have the option to upload video to complement your paper review. The video cannot exceed 12 MB and will not be posted in IEEE Xplore if the paper is accepted.

Please refer to individual call for proposals regarding page limit.

Create your PIN for Submission

Follow the link PIN at
to look up or register your Personal Identification Number (PIN) and the PINs of all your co-authors in a separate browser window. At least one PIN needs to be input during first submission. If you don’t have the PINs of your co-authors during submission, you can later increase the number of authors and input their PINs until the deadline of submission.

List the PINs in the order in which the authors appear in the paper and check the corresponding author. Note: Only the corresponding author may update or reupload the submission.

Keywords Selection

You need to select at least one keyword and up to 3 keywords for your paper. Check “0” in the appropriate row if you want to remove a keyword. These keywords are defined in the SMC 2017 call for paper under the three main areas: Systems Science & Engineering, Human-Machine Systems and Loans with monthly payments. You can select keywords across areas if necessary.

Upload Time

Note that the upload time can vary from a couple of seconds to much longer depending on the content of the submission. Please avoid uploading in the last minute when the system traffic is high.

ORCID information
It is entirely optional per IEEE needs for the time being. Authors can choose to input your ORCID or go directly to paper submission.

Automatic PDF Conversion: If you are preparing your file using MS-Word or LaTeX, the system can convert your file to Xplore PDF compliant file automatically. At the point when you are asked to upload your file, instead of already created PDF file, you can

  • MS-Word: Upload your MS-Word file in the required form, the PDF file will be created for you. Please inspect the file and if margins are within prescribed gray background, you can simply click on Submit button to deposit your file. Make sure that the path to your MS-Word file or its name does not contain non-ASCII characters.
  • LaTeX1: Upload your LaTeX source file together with all images, style files in a SINGLE zip archive. The main LaTeX file must be called root.texMake sure that the path to your zip file or its name does not contain non-ASCII characters.

1Documents prepared using "Scientific Workplace" or "Scientific Word" are not supported.