Call for Participation: 2017 IEEE SMC Founders' Forum

The SMC Society is launching a new initiative: the SMC Society Founders’ Forum. The Forum will be part of the SMC Annual Conferences and will feature panel presentations by former SMC leaders (e.g., past presidents, Weiner/Wohl Award winners, editors of SMCS publications, and other distinguished contributors). The goal will be to share Founders’ thoughts, vision, and ideas about the Society and its future.


Dear Colleagues, Registrants and Authors:

Welcome to SMC 2017 in Banff. A few important deadlines are coming up shortly.

1. Final paper upload deadline is extended to July 31, 2017, based on several requests. If you
have any problem uploading your paper please contact Rachael Eastabrook at

2. The room booking procedures please follow the steps

3. There will be several Events at SMC 2017 in Banff, in addition to the Regular and Special
Sessions. These events include BMI, SMC Founders’ Panel, Industrial Program and Games.
Note that the Brain Hackathon will be held on Saturday/Sunday Oct7/8, so please do not check
out early. Other events and workshops/tutorials will be held on Oct 5.

SMC 2017 will also include various social programs and post conference tours.
Please look into the details of various programs posted on before booking your

We look forward to seeing you all at SMC 2017 in October.

Best regards,

SMC2017 Organizing Committee