Special Sessions

Call for Special Sessions

The special session submission link is now open. Please read Important Dates for deadlines and Author section for paper preparation guideline.

  1. ) Select your special session and specify the Special Session Code when submitting your paper.
  2. ) When selecting keywords, you can only choose the keywords listed under that Area. For example, if the special session is under Cybernetics, you can only select keywords under Cybernetics.
SMC Special Sessions - Cybernetics
Title Code
Intelligent computing and controlling applications CFP 54b5i
Machine Learning and Behavior Modeling for Effective Human-Agent Interactions CFP 326x8
Granular Computing 6473p
Intelligent Internet Systems ujuqd
Cybermatics for Cyber-Enabled Systems, Technologies, and Applications (Cyber-ESTA) CFP k3q89
Quantum cybernetics, quantum computing and AI pfvs3
Soft Computing CFP wd925
Innovative Technologies and Applications in Computer Intelligence CFP 27d95
Machine Learning for Vision and Healthcare CFP 6f142
Modern Technology on Medicine, Health Care and Human Assist CFP 2r745
Computational Awareness CFP 5ad2j
Computational and Medical Cybernetics 1d113
Drug Assist Devices for Personalised Healthcare quf5q
Topics in Quantum Machine Learning 8hph8
Affective, Psychological and Physiological Computing CFP 7h6at
Intelligent Systems and Control for Semi-autonomous and Autonomous Vehicles CFP 5xkhc
SMC Special Sessions - Human-Machine Systems (HMS)
Title Code
Bio-Signal Processing for Movement Assessment, Neuro-Rehabilitation and Assistive Technologies CFP v653f
Collaborative Technologies and Applications c6i7n
Human Centered Transportation Systems CFP 33yic
Human-centred Sensing for Healthcare CFP 5xwd4
Human Factors in Cybersecurity 5x6h5
Human Perception in Multimedia Computing CFP 3x25e
Information Systems for Design and Marketing CFP x9vbp
Interactive and Wearable Computing and Devices (IWCD) CFP 69nng
Shared and Cooperative Guidance and Control among humans and machines vnm9m
Shared Control f4deu
Special Session on Industrial Control Systems Safety, Security and Reliability CFP 8619e
Virtual and Augmented Reality Systems CFP 5965g
which inspection strategy is better for logistics security: announced or unannounced inspection? es42m
SMC Special Sessions - Systems Science and Engineering (SSE)
Title Code
Aerial robotics 8p579
Autonomous Vehicle Technology 1c2hf
Biological signals controlled intelligent robots CFP ypv93
Collaborative Wireless Sensor Networks and Internet of Things (CWSN&IoT) CFP jwaa1
Conflict Resolution: Session One k4e4i
Conflict Resolution: Session Two 6iu7e
Decision Support Systems based on Multicriteria Models q8d99
Design Challenges of Cyber Physical Systems CFP f7y8e
Distributed Adaptive Systems CFP 1p46g
Emerging Technologies in Medical Mechatronics fw767
Enterprise Architecture, Engineering and Enterprise Information Systems 9g52c
Grey System Theory and Applications h9p55
Human Machine Interfaces, and Haptics 1797f
Industry4.0 6hcyf
Intelligent Clean Energy, Transportation & Production Facilities CFP ek29u
Intelligent Internet of Things CFP y4v27
Intelligent Learning in Control Systems h3e6g
Logistics Informatics Engineering and Industrial Security Systems CFP 31pk5
Model-Based Systems Engineering: Perspectives From Different Domains 7i22j
Modeling and behavioral neuroscience aspects on DSS development 2g3ep
New Research Areas and Results in Discrete Event and Hybrid Systems utkx2
Proactive Healthcare Systems 5ky74
Robotics and Intelligent Sensing tpn67
Sensing, Monitoring and Decision Making for Secured Driving in all Environments 5d615
Special Session on Computational Collective Intelligence 8ns39
Special Session on Intelligent Industrial Systems p1dp9
System Dynamics Application in Real World Problems CFP ej2e9
BMI Workshop Special Sessions
Title Code
Adaptive Neurotechnologies btuhn
Advances and Novel Methodologies in Neurofeedback based Brain-Computer Interface Systems 6y4ns
Brain-Computer Interfaces for motor, avatar and Virtual Reality control 966hb
Brain-Computer Interfaces: Research in Communication, Control and Human Cognition me389
Designing brain-computer interfaces for users with motor and cognitive disabilities 31m3b
Machine learning and signal processing for brain and neural computer interfaces 4ww45
Multi-modal Brain Computer Interface and Physiological Computing 6v659
Neuro-Interfacing Wearable Robots: Current State and Future Steps 6u4q5
Real world applications of Brain Computer Interface systems 383j9
Wearable BMI Technology for Thought Identification and other High Information Content Applications 6s3kn