We are pleased to offer six tutorials to IEEE SMC 2017 delegates. 

5 October 2017

Morning Session

  • Designing brain-computer interfaces for users with motor and cognitive disabilities  - Ricardo Chavarriaga*, Moritz Grosse-Wentrup (Switzerland)  Room MB251
  • Haptics: the technology for “touch and feel” - Shady Mohamed*, Mohamed Hossny, Saeid Nahavandi (Australia)  Room MB252
  • Building Human-Centered Systems with Depth Cameras and Wearable Sensors - Wenbing Zhao* (USA) Room MB253

Afternoon Session

  • Brain-Machine Interface Systems - Overview, Applications and Research Challenges - Neethu Robinson*, Kavitha Thomas (Singapore) Room MB251
  • Advanced Big Data Analytics and Applications to Bioinformatics and Smart Systems Zhi Wei*, Mengchu Zhou (USA) Room MB252
  • How to Model Interaction Design for Generating User Interfaces - Hermann Kaindl, Roman Popp* (Austria) Room MB253

The tutorial material will be available two weeks prior to the start of the conference (28 September 2017). This material will be deposited on the conference site for tutorial attendees to download prior to the conference and will be removed from the site two weeks after the conclusion of the conference (19 October 2017).